Mountain Of Skopos               5.8 km from city center of Argassi

A beautiful trail From Argasi to explore the low Mountain of Skopos walking in a relatively approachable road that leads you to the peak of the mountain.At the heigth of 450 metres you will feel rewarded by the astonishing views of the island.The views make all the walk here worthwhile. In the rocky landscape is the imposing Monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa which was built in the mid of 15th century and is one of the distinctive Monasteries on the island. At this point there was the Temple of Artemis in ancient years.  

  Venetian Bridge

This landmark of Argasi was built at the beggining of the 19th century. Originally it was a part of the coastal which was constructed during the period of English domination but it was almost hidden in the sea. It started from the church of St. Spiridon of Sgournes and assumingly ended up in the Venetian Vardiola just before Davia. Almost half of the bridge, which used to be part of the main road, is now resting on the shore and the other half is immersed in the sea. This is due to severe erosion from the seawater and the winds.

  Domeneghini Tower

The Domeneghini Tower is situated on the coast of Argasi, once a countryside locale with orchards and rural plantations that today has been transformed into one of the most popular touristic resorts of Zakynthos. At the time of the installation of Venetian rule on the island, towards the end of the 15th century, the region was deserted because of continual pirate attacks. In 1566, the Venetian administration, in its effort to confront this phenomenon, commanded the location of a twenty-men strong cavalry unit in the area. Archaeological research has confirmed no connection between the construction of the Domeneghini Tower and the installation of a cavalry guard at Argasi, an association nonetheless, implied by local chroniclers who assign the construction of the edifice to the mid 16th century. In any case, it is certain that the Domeneghini family, which owned the tower-country manor, settled in Zakynthos right after the fall of Chandax in Crete (1669) and was enrolled in the Libro d?Oro in 1741. To the same family also belonged the neighbouring church of Hagios Theodosios, as well as the adjacent fountain, known as «Solomos Fountain», most probably because of the frequent visits the national poet, Dionysios Solomos, used to make to the country manor of the Domeneghini family. The Tower is inextricably linked to the National Liberation Struggle of 1821. It was there that meetings of the Friendly Society members were held and from this place Theodoros Kolokotronis departed aboard a "aique" boat to launch the revolution in the Peloponnese.

Saint Spyridon of Sgournes               1.2 km from city center of Argassi

Next to the seashore coming from Town towards Argassi, there is the church of "St Spyridon of Sgournes". It is a 16th century monastery which has been looted by the pirates in previous centuries and destroyed by the earthquake in1 953. Finally, it was restored to its original form in 2009.

St Stathis

The traditional celebration in honour of St Eustathios takes place in Argasi and it is dedicated to the village's central church. Every 20th of September the relegious celebration includes traditional music, dances, food and feasts where all enjoy and share their festive enthousiasm.

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